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Hi Bill any chance of getting copies of some of your older books?  Also looking for an interview you did back in 2010 with high intensity nation.  I used to listen to that interview all the time for motivation  and made crazy gains following that advice.

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Yes, let me know what you would like. I believe Dave still has that interview on line. I will post it. If not I should have a copy home or maybe Dave can resurrect it 🙂

Would be great to get a copy of high intensity power building.
That old interview with Dave Durrell was taken down and later his website was taken down. If you’re able to get a copy from him, it would be fantastic if you could make it available again.

I am working on putting up a link for my books, will let you know when it is finished.

That would be awesome! Thank you Bill!


I did get a copy from Dave and will be putting it up. I will also be putting up my books shortly.

I just saw that you put the interview up. Thank you Bill!


My Pleasure my friend!

Bill, Any luck with putting up a link to your books?

I am getting ready to put them up within the next few days. I have been exploring the right virtual program and I have come to the conclusion I have to build one myself. It should not be long.

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