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Bill Sahli
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23/03/2019 11:37 am  

While waiting for a double stem cell procedure for my worn out shoulders, I had to find a way to work around them with as little pain as possible. My goal was to:

  1. Continue to get stronger
  2. Use the Theory Of High Intensity Training
  3. Increase blood flow to the joints including shoulder
  4. Increase muscle as I get stronger
  5. Train as minimally as possible

What I decided to do was to put together a hybrid workout using heavy partials (which limit my range of motion) that focus on an intense contraction. And adding a technique used by Rory Liedlemyer called 100s.

Mike Mentzer before he passed away did a lot of experimentation in the gym as did I with contracted holds. Mike inferred that we were doing it all wrong, that as bodybuilders we should not be lifting weight but holding weight.

It all comes down to contraction.

I used heavy partials for years to bring up my big lifts and they worked great. I followed the lead of Paul Anderson and Chuck Sipes, both very strong individuals that used them to produce great strength. Partials not only increase tendon strength and thus bone density which go hand in hand, but what must follow is strength and muscle.

Some time ago my good friend Dr. David Shores DC introduced me to 100s, advising he was making some great progress with them. He told me when he and Rory Liedlemyer trained together, they made great progress then also, and he was currently using a version of that technique, 40 reps or so.

I got to thinking that if I limited my range of motion but still created an intense contraction and at the same time somehow brought more healing nutrients into my joints, it may be a win win while I planned my recovery. The results were better than I could have thought.

Here is the workouts, 2 way split, one set to failure, once per week:

WO 1

Partial Hammer Strength Plate Load Dips – Rest Pause 1-5 reps, 7-10 seconds rest between

Partial Hammer Strength Plate Load High Pulls – Same Rest Pause as above done on Bench Press

Partial Belt Squats – 5 – 20 reps to failure

40s Cable Crossovers or Fly Machine

40s Dumbbell Hammer Curls

40s Rope Triceps Push Downs



Partial Deadlift – 3-5 reps to failure

Hise Shrug – 3-5 reps to failure

Curl Machine Partial Power Curls – 3-10 reps (top portion movement)

40s Hammer Strength Plate Load Dips

40s Hammer Strength Plate Load Reverse Pulldowns

40s Machine Squat

With the Partials I am only moving them 2-4 inches and holding my last rep as possible

With the 40s I go to failure with a weight I can get 40 – 50 reps.

For both once I exceed the rep range, I add weight.

My shoulders feel much better with the additional blood and it actually carries over to the heavier movements.

The workout is fairly brief with the drawback of loading and unloading the weight which becomes quite a bit over time as you get stronger. I continually get stronger each and every workout. You can easily get up to using 1000 pounds on the squat and the Hise Shrug and very close on the partial dead lift.

We just got done taking a 6 week layoff because we got so strong so quickly, it lead to overtraining.

Coming back we are training just once a week. My normal bodyweight hovers at around 203 to 204.

We just started our second cycle last week of Workout 1 and tomorrow will be Workout 2.

Last week I moved on:

Dips from 410 for 2, to 410 for 5

High Pulls 310 for 3, to 310 for 5

Belt Squats 545 for 6, to 585 for 11

Bodyweight 209, 5 lb increase 4 weeks

The 40s also stimulate not only slow twitch, medium twitch and fast twitch, but do the trick in bringing healing nutrients into the musculature and joints.

Thanks for the read, HIT it hard the OLD SCHOOL Way!

Bill Sahli
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27/03/2019 4:47 pm  

Monday's workout was productive for sure. Using the Anabolic Diet with phase shifting the weekends to carbs, allows me to take advantage of the insulin spike. Much like a bodybuilder prepares for a show by carb loading, I do it weekly.

I am taking my time on partial deadlifts, not working to a super heavy weight yet, however my Hise Shrug is coming along, using 455 for reps at this moment.

When I jumped on the scale after my workout, I was 213.6. Much is attributed to insulin load and pulling in additional water inside the muscle cell. It equates to a 4 pound gain.

I will keep you posted on the progress as we go.


Bill Sahli
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03/04/2019 3:03 pm  

It was another great workout today!

We started with belt squats. I jumped to 635, a 50 pound jump from my last workout and got 5 reps.

Followed those by power curls on preacher machine curl, got 115 x 10 plus 15 sec hold.

Next were 40s with extremely light weight (we do these til failure and ego has no place in weight selection. LOL)

Machine squats

Barbell curls

Kaz Bar Extensions

Great workout, legs are pretty beat up.

Next workout in 5 days, Monday.

Have a great rest of your week and HIT IT HARD!

PS. Jumped on the scale this morning, 215...

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Bill Sahli
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24/04/2019 5:17 pm  

I was watching a video on youtube and thought of how effective high intensity partial contractions have been for strength.

Paul Anderson used them most effectively to become the strongest man that ever lived as did Chuck Sipes and a number of others.

My most recent workout showed the following increases:

(all exercises are done one set to failure)

Partial Dips 410 to 450lbs x 5

Partial High Pulls 310 to 360 x 3

Hise Shrugs 455 x 3 to 455 x 5

Partial Belt Squats 635 x 5 to 635 x 8

Power Curls 110lbs to 120 lbs, same reps

However my 40s full range increased:

Dips 90 x 27 reps to 40 reps

Reverse Pulldowns increased 20 lbs

Squats increased 10 reps from 20 to 30.

With the combination of the partials and 40s, I am literally increasing massively in poundage workout to workout.

However, I did make a change though...

In the high pulls increasing from 310 to 360, it really put a hurting on my shoulders. I have decided to switch this one on with partial rack deadlifts which I will do next workout.

I am training just on Sundays alternating two split workouts. Yes 6 days rest! Remember, you must first recover from the workout or compensate for the exhaustive effects of the workout and the over compensate (build muscle). That doesn't happen in the gym.

I urge you to share your progress and look forward to building this board as we have done in the past.

Hit IT HARD The Old School Way and then GO HOME and let it happen!

Best regards,

Bill Sahli

Bill Sahli
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16/05/2019 3:04 pm  

It is amazing how strong you can get with a contraction hold moved from a very short distance, i.e. 2-4 inches.

What is most evident is the tole it takes on your system and the need to take a break from that protocol. This is what I experience after months of partials. Also what is evident is the thickness... muscular density and bone density that you get from that type of training. Mike Mentzer was certainly correct when he said that we as bodybuilders were doing it all wrong. Instead of lifting weights we should be holding weights. I am currently at a bodyweight of 215, a weight I have not held in many years. I usually hover around the 198 - 204 range. NOT Bad for holding weights once a week.

I definitely need a break however. I always know when to take one when I don't want to go and train. It is not necessarily that I was over-trained it was that I needed a break from loading and unloading the weights and needed a break mentally from the mental intensity needed to consistently increase the poundage. So I decided to go to 40s. 

What is 40s?

Well, as you know when doing 100s, you continue to do reps until you reach 100. If you do not, say you reach 40, you rest 60 seconds to match the 60 reps you have left, and then do another set and continue until you reach 100. It is definitely mentally and physically brutal and does have many benefits. But sticking to the Theory of High Intensity Training, we know that a workout must be brief, intense and infrequent. We also know that every rep performed until you reach that last almost impossible rep that turns on the growth mechanism in merely a warmup. It is the last rep that turns on the growth mechanism. So what I decided is rather than continue to do set after set until I reached 100 reps, I would do just one set... with my goal of 40 or more.

So, here is what I do for each set. I shoot for a weight that I can use for at least 20 reps. Each workout I continue to increase the reps until I either reach or beat 40. At that point I will increase the weight 10%.

For those of you who have any injuries, arthritis, joint issues or just like a pump OR if you have never tried this type of training, it is a real plus for all mentioned or if you just want to take a break. You will definitely get stronger in weight but leave your ego at home. LOL. Start with 30% of what you would normally use. Not much but as I said, it will increase and you will find yourself in better shape. The high reps are demanding and will kick your you know what.

I keep it pretty basic and still train once per week on a two way split, meaning I train the same workout once every two weeks. I like to train on Sundays. Here it is:


Hammer Machine Dips

Hammer Reverse Pulldowns

Hise Shrugs

Dumbbell Curls Hammer Style


Standing Plate Loaded Squat Machine

Hyper Extensions

Barbell Curls

Push Downs


That's IT. 4 sets a workout, no warmups, just walk in and go balls to the wall and again, leave your ego at home!

Remember, the forum is here to post your progress and communicate.

Have a great rest of your week and HIT IT HARD, Then GO HOME and LET IT HAPPEN!



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04/07/2019 12:36 am  

Hey Bill great to see you posting again. When you’re facebook page went missing I was extremely disappointed. Would make a huge request if you could also start an instagram page and post videos or clips from your workouts demonstrating rest pause, partials, 40s etc.

Bill Sahli
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08/07/2019 11:25 am  

Josh I sent you an email responding to this post. 🙂

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