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27/04/2019 9:09 pm  

Hey all, 

Since last posting on Bills old site, ive made quite a few changes to my training. Been training in more of a strongman style with slightly higher frequency than i use too, but still intense and brief though.

My focus for the last 18 months or so has been OHPing and deads, everything else is just gravy. 



Deadlift (Hex bar, Regular or Axle bar), work up to a top set of 1-3 reps, plus two back off sets of 5

Hex bar static hold off blocks, max 5 second hold 

Seated pully row, 3 sets of 10 (medium weight for all sets)


OHP (BB, Viking or Log), work up to a top set of 3-5 reps

Slingshot bench press, 2 sets of 5 reps

One arm DB press, one set of 3-5 per arm

Finnish with a little grip training on press day, usually rolling thunder, or pinch block.


Loaded carries, heavy farmers walks, sandbag loading and duck walks.

Friday is by far the hardest day, takes a day or two before i feel human again lol. 

Injuried my left shoulder 6 months ago, its taking its time to heal, but am OHPing heavy again, the slingshot has been a life saver, its a great cheap device, i still continue to use it as its a great way to overload the triceps, but still keeps shoulder mob, lockouts or board presses dont do the latter. Another way i found is by using reverse bands when benching.

Diet wise, for me its high fat, med pro, and lowish carbs (about 100-150g per day). Brought my weight back up to 280lb (at 6'4), but i'll bring my weight back down 20lbs or so for summer, not for the beach or anything like that lol, just dont like the heat, feel more comfortable.








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01/05/2019 2:09 pm  

Looks like you are doing great! The shoulder will heal, body weight definitely respectable. Now that is a workout!!!

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